Telegram update is output. What you need to know about it

We are already used to Telegram update comes out almost every month. Unlike iOS, in which Apple regularly fixes bugs (or tries), new versions of telegram work perfectly and receive exceptionally functional innovations. Thanks to them, the messenger has long become a multifunctional platform: in the new version, the messenger received custom application sounds, timers for turning off notifications, recording responses when forwarding, as well as new bot features in chats. In general, you urgently need to upgrade in order to try everything – make sure you do!

Telegram’s update has been released: we understand what has changed


Telegram notification sounds

Many users have ditched ringtones and notification sounds on their smartphones by muting them or delegating them to the Apple Watch. But for those sounding the sound design, Telegram added custom notification sounds: You can now set any sound from the phone memory and even send a voice message to a contact or chat.

You can now put any sound or voicemail on notifications

Yes, yes, you understood correctly: you can use your own voice message as a ringtone. Just click on the sound that lasts no longer than 5 seconds, select “Save” and then go to “Notifications and Sounds” and install it. You can also use sounds from the Telegram library for free. Just in case: the duration of the sound does not exceed 5 seconds, the size does not exceed 300 KB.

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Telegram notifications

Disable notifications for as many days as needed

Telegram turned out to be one of the first applications where you could temporarily disable notifications in chats – for 8 hours or two days. Now the developers have made it possible for you to turn off notifications for any period – for example, for a month. In this case, you don’t have to go to the iPhone settings: in the menu, you can absolutely disable notifications in telegram or temporarily, as well as mute and receive them silently. You just need to click on the chat profile – “Put sound”.

Automatic deletion of messages in Telegram

Don’t like leaving messages in the chat for a long time? You do everything well: it is not in vain that Telegram allows you to turn on automatic deletion of messagesso as not to clutter the chat. Now it’s much easier to do this and the timer settings have become more precise: they can be set for 2 days, 3 weeks, etc.

Enable auto delete message after required time

  • Click on the chat profile;
  • Select “More”;
  • Click on “Automatic removal” and select “Other”.

How to forward a message in Telegram

Message forwarding just got more convenient: you can still see how it all started

My friends and I are constantly joking around and sending each other local memes. Unfortunately, there will always be someone in the company to explain the joke to. Now you don’t have to do that: messages forwarded with a reply will show the beginning of the original message, just like when commenting on someone’s chat message. When transferring, the ability to access the quoted message will remain, thanks to which it will not be necessary to explain anything, and the recipient will find out for himself. At the same time, you can hide the sender’s name and photo captions by clicking forwarded correspondence before sending.

How to use bots in Telegram

Bots have long since become the norm in Telegram. They are used for translation, file creation or for purchases. Recently, robots support connecting to third-party services using Telegram, and they can also accept online payments through well-known payment services. Now developers will be able to create bots using a large number of JavaScript interfaces, thanks to which the Telegram bot will become a full-fledged replacement for any site.

Bots have improved and can replace entire websites

To try the last bot for Telegram, you can write to @DurgerKingBot. Administrators and chat moderators will be pleased with the new version of Telegram: it is now easier to add a bot to a group or a channel. You can do this directly from the bot profile by immediately setting the rights and permissions.

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What’s new in Telegram

Every Telegram update is a real party. Here’s what’s changed in the app.

  • Many have managed to fall in love with translating messages in Telegram on iOS. In the new version, the translator has become even more accurate and the number of languages ​​has increased.
  • The interface for changing the phone number in Telegram has changed

  • In settings updated interface change of phone number – it appeared animated ducks.
  • Also, after entering a new number, verification codes will be sent to it when logging into your Telegram account.
  • New animated stickers cannot be used when hungry

  • The developers were inspired by the eggplant and peach sticker, making it even more animated emoji: now there is no more food.
  • To Telegram for Android improved picture-in-picture mode: it can now be scaled to a convenient size.

As you can see, the update turned out cool again. It’s amazing how Messenger is still finding ways to improve. On our side, we get used to it quickly. Tell us in our chat or Telegram comments if you tried the new version of the messenger and what you liked the most.