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The growth of Pokémon GO throughout these years is something quite palpable, since, far from wearing out over time, the app of Niantic continues to be one of the most played and downloaded in the world, giving rise to the incorporation of the seventh generation do nothing but encourage users around the world to keep capturing them all.

In fact, if we talk about events and other things that will take place Pokemon GO to come, we cannot ignore the fact that one of the next Safari Zone It will be in Seville, the Andalusian capital in Spain that receives this celebration from the Niantic app.

However, it is also important to say that Pokemon GO will benefit from a very special collaboration since, as was the case at the time with the launch of Detective Pikachu at the moviesthe Pokemon trading card game announced at the time a collaboration with Pokemon GObeing so July 1, 2022 An extension focused on this app will be released.

Pokémon GO is coming to the TCG like Detective Pikachu did back in the day

Under this premise, it must be said that it was recently announced that there will be more extensions in the futureeverything therefore indicates that we are only in the initial phase of what could be a real commercial boom, because we cannot ignore the fact that Pokémon cards have become very popular in recent years.

Thus, among the new details revealed concerning this future extension of the Pokemon trading card game It must be said that the following products will arrive:

Elite Trainer’s Box Pokemon GO

premium collection of Pokemon GO

special collections of Pokemon GO

Collection of Pokemon GO

Can Pokemon GO

poke ball boxes Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Mini Boxes

Battle Decks V of Pokemon GO

Deck Rack Collection Honor of Pokemon GO

pin collection Pokemon GO

If you are interested, do not miss any detail, because in this extension it seems that we will see content that goes far beyond the teacher willow.