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Sandshrew Community Day will take place on Sunday, March 13

As usual each month, Pokemon GO prepares to welcome a new community daythis is a monthly event where players from all over the world Limited time will be able to capture a specific species, having the particularity that it will be able to come out in its glossy version / variocolor:

Under this same premise, we already know that the next March 13 will be held on Sandshrew Community Daythis is an event in which between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (local time depending on your region) these Pokémon will appear in packs around the world.

Of course, it must be said that in this case it will be quite special, since, on the occasion of the arrival of Alola Pokémon in Pokemon GOthis time they will be available both shrew as its regional form, Alola shrewIce / Steel type.

Therefore, in order not to miss anything on Sunday, keep in mind everything you need to know about Sandshrew Community Day to Pokemon GO:

All About Sandshrew Community Day

Exclusive moves: If you evolve towards shrew during or within two hours of the event, sandblast will learn a unique charged attack. version of kantō will learn Shadow Slash, while the version of To the will learn Shadow Claw.

incense: They will last 3 hours.

Eggs: They will open at 1/4 the normal distance.

photobomb: You can find shrew up to five times using this function.

Gifts: You can get a gift box with 30 ultra balls.

special investigation: For 0.99 $/€ you will have access to a special survey focusing on shrew. It’s completely optional.

variocolor: We find them in their version brilliant in both forms.

special package: will sell a wrap with 3 Super Incubators, 5 Lucky Eggs, 1 Elite Charged MT and 30 Ultra Balls.

For all this, do not miss the opportunity to make the most of this event, because it is up to date one of the best ways to go to Sandshrew Alola Brilliant and its standard version.