The 10 Netflix Movies That Looked Bad But Are Awesome

No one disputes this: Not all Netflix content is quality. In fact, a considerable part is a questionable combination between originals without transcendence, until productions which are simply without interest. Perhaps it is due to the large amount of monthly content that the platform includes in its catalog or that the public is becoming more demanding. Either way, Netflix’s endless lineup of movies disappoints from time to time.

Although the opposite phenomenon also occurs. More and more often, productions of no great importance turn out better than expected. Small author curiosities that are part of this huge universe of Netflix content, lost among its options. A curious combination between the increasing number of contents that the subscription service includes each month and also, how complicated its selection is.

For this reason, we leave you with ten Netflix movies that looked bad, but are actually great. some maybe they just need a chance to penetrate the taste of the public. Others are content to be analyzed from a more user-friendly point of view. Because the Netflix catalog will always be a box of surprises. The one that for several months offered several options much better than you could imagine.

weekend in croatia

A thriller with a seemingly old-fashioned plot and no greater motivation than a predictable mystery? It is not so easy. The Netflix film manages to use its photography – which transforms the Croatian resort town of Split into a stunning setting – as its focal point.

But also, his story is much more than it seems. This journey through a complex criminal investigation is a tricky box of surprises that ultimately proves that good stories sometimes seem simple.