the 4 easter eggs from the first episode

Moon Knight It just premiered on Disney+ and proves it’s a brand new milestone for Marvel. The story of the man in the middle of a war of the gods comes to Marvel premieres with a curious mix of action and thriller. Oscar Isaac plays Steven Grant, a peaceful man from London who has a strange secret. Or more than one. The first chapter of the series cleverly analyzes a complex character. And he does this through the perception of his divided nature. Who is the dark figure that follows him everywhere?

It also featured a whole host of nods to the central and origin story. Moon Knight. From his relationship with the gods – barely mentioned – to his fight in the shadows. The first chapter of the new Disney+ series had something for everyone. The dark and oppressive air of the series or the appearance of an unexpected enemy. The first glimpse of Marc Spector in his Khonshu God Fist Armor. Everything is part of a dizzying journey through several scenarios while demonstrating the ambition of a complex proposal.

But what was most striking about the episode was the abundance of symbols that celebrate the origin of Marc Spector’s comics. Also the way the script incorporated ideas about Spector’s long journey through the shadows in his darkest version. We’re telling you the five biggest things we’ve seen in the big debut of the most anticipated series of the year on Disney+.

In the dark I call your name

Steven Grant faced a whole host of confusing situations in the first chapter. Especially, sleeping and waking up in chaotic situations, inexplicable and increasingly dark. But most amazing was the disembodied voice and the gigantic figure with a beak that followed him in many of the most tense sequences. Who is it about?