The 5 Weirdest Netflix Movies You Can’t Stop Watching

Netflix’s movie catalog has transformed in recent years into an ever-expanding collection of cinematic content. Not only because of its variety, but also because of the platform’s ability to bring together all kinds of genres, languages ​​and visions of current cinema. As a showcase for independent hardware, Netflix has also proven over the past five years that streaming is the best place for quirky cinema. In particular, one that emphasizes disturbing, surprising or strange stories

Of course, this is an obvious advantage. The platform was proposed not only to maintain a selection of content that is always being renewed, but also to explore new options. The result is an unusual journey through a type of cinema that rarely reaches theaters. Or that at least, until a decade ago, it was condemned to anonymity or unequal evaluation as works of worship. But Netflix films have managed to get a good part of their lists and new additions to celebrate the most curious of the seventh art. Also, his wildest and sometimes incomprehensible side.

We leave you with a selection of five films to celebrate the rare, unique and dreamlike cinema that you can find in the list of Netflix films. From stunning cinematic artwork to intimate and sometimes meaningless glimpses. A visit to the less traveled side of the world of great stories.

What did Jack do?

Always disconcerting and surprising, David Lynch creates in this film on Netflix one of his most singular works. Which is already a considerable point if we take into account the fact that the director’s career is based on the enigmatic and the absurd. On this occasion, he decides to explore what appears to be a singular variant of film noir. questioning a monkey. And he does it, for 17 minutes, in a kind of crazy dialogue about an imaginary murder. But in addition, Lynch plays with the codes of film noir while combining a kind of extravagant parody between a procedural and his usual style on the surrealist.

The result is an inexplicable journey that equal parts laughter and intrigue. Lynch was never too lavish in explaining his obsessions, but in What did Jack do? there is a complete collapse of language. But instead of appearing disconcerting, the short film ends up being a roadmap to inexplicable spaces of the cinematic. Lynch, who also stars in this film on Netflix, creates the illusion of some notion of the unexplainable. But at the same time, it presents itself as a happy experiment on rarity as the essential meaning of an enigmatic cinematographic proposal.