The Apple Car could cost $100,000

A new rumor points to a very expensive Apple Car

There is no doubt that the car made by Apple is one of the most anticipated projectsand not only by users or fans of the brand, many people who are well versed in the automotive subject expect what the most recognized company in the world can achieve from the hand of Tim Cook and your plans for this product.

The expectations that the Apple Car has raised in these years of rumors, leaks and information are so high that its arrival places it as the most anticipated electric car. although there is not even an official announcement from the company.

However, the information spreads quickly and it is known that the “Titan Project”, the code name that this product received within Apple, it is very close to its release.

Apple Car, the most supposed and expected car

Although its manufacture has experienced serious problems such as the loss of engineers and some details with the search for partners to get involved in this new projectKuo mentioned that the team needs to reorganize and thus ensure that its launch happens in 2025, as this is one of the internal commitments that the apple-bitten company has made.

And it is that the Apple Car is so present everywhere that even Motor Trend magazine has shown its idea of ​​a very futuristic Apple Car. However, not everything could be good, as it has now been mentioned that This car could be worth $100,000..

The Apple Car could be very expensive

According to the opinion and analysis of iDropNews, the Apple car may have an extremely high cost, around $100,000 or more. This for the purpose of target a specific consumer and start with a reputation that allows you compete directly with Tesla for the top spot in smart car innovation and sales.

Among his arguments are described the intentions of Apple to want to intervene in the automotive sector as one of the great luxury car manufacturers. Plus, the exclusives this car could retain such as technology that complements the Apple ecosystem beyond devices and be directed towards the navigation and safety of the car itself; Without forgetting engineering and technological innovation that this car will have could be the main reasons for the cost.

Although the idea may seem somewhat pessimistic, remember that Apple is characterized by being a seller of high-end productssomething that surely will not be excluded in the Apple Car and an “elitist” price will be maintained to distinguish the first users of this new car that could shake several of the best and most important car brands.

apple car

The car made by Apple is expected to arrive in 2025

It could also be part of a strategic plan recognize a new sales and competition ground for those in Cupertino, thus gaining time to continue to be involved in the manufacture of cars with the aim of offering less expensive, but equally innovative models and thus trying to attract different overtime user and consumer profiles.

Could it be that the Apple Car is a long-awaited product for everyone, but only intended for a sector of buyers? There is little time left to find out what Apple has prepared for the arrival of this product which has been in the spotlight for years.

At the moment the Apple car has already appeared on the diagrams of some manufacturers and with this it is confirmed that the so-called Project Titan This will be one of the company’s most groundbreaking launches.

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