The army that cast the dead of the Black Death on its enemies

the year has run 1346 when the Tatars-Mongolsin full seat of the Genoese city of Caffawere affected by a deadly epidemic of black death. get rid of corpses Preventing the spread of the disease became as urgent as fighting the enemy, so they decided to kill two birds with one stone and load their bodies onto catapults to launch them towards Caffa. It would therefore be one of the first cases of biological weapons documented in history.

This military operation was told by the Italian notary Gabriel de Mussiswho also assured that all this gave rise to the establishment of a black plague epidemic in other parts of Europe.

Over time, some analyzes of its history have been conducted in which it is concluded that it is consistent that the disease as a biological weapon. This matches the recordings about him that were made later. However, they disagree that this contributed to the spread of the Black Death beyond the city of Caffa. Anyway, it seems that biological weapons are much older than we think. As much as the evil of human beings.

History of biological weapons

The Romans were already launching boats with poisonous snakes or the remains of dead animals towards the cities they attacked.

Although the use of disease as biological weapons may be even older, the earliest historical records of it date back to around the year 90 AD. It was then that the Roman senator Sixth Julius Frontinus he published writings describing the launching of containers filled with poisonous snakes or rotting animal meat towards enemy cities. He also recounted placing swarms of bees in the tunnels to attack the soldiers in unexpected ways.

These are the first cases described and there are few others that were recorded before the caffa seat. This town, now known as feudosis then belonging to the Genoese, it is located on the shores of the Black Sea, in the current Crimean Peninsula.

Archives from the 14th century report that indeed in 1346 an epidemic of black death. And that it coincided with the Siege of the Tatar-Mongols. What’s not so clear is that the pathogen actually arrived within its walls through the corpses thrown into catapults. But the truth is that it makes a lot of sense. Let’s see how things went.

The most brutal arrival of the Black Death

The Black Death is known as a great plague pandemic that occurred in Europe and Asia. between the years 1347 and 1353.