the best applications to do it while playing

Whether two, five or ten fingers, we all type with the keyboard. Physical or virtual. Smartphones, computers, tablets… Typing today is an activity that sometimes requires a lot more common than writing by hand. And to know where each key is without looking or typing at full speed without making mistakes, you have to practice and learn to type. Your age doesn’t matter. There is typing for children and for adults.

Typing is the art of typing on the keyboard. His goal is for you to write as quickly as possible. And without failures. To do this, it uses repetition exercises, recommendations on where to place each finger of the hand, etc. Whether you are a child or an adult, it is never too late to learn to type fast look at the screen instead of looking at the keys.

And for the smallest of houses to start off on the right foot, we offer a selection of typing activities and games for children. A collection of lessons and practices so that at any age we learn to place your fingers on your keys and know how to type them without looking. There is something for everyone, some more focused on learning and others more playful and fun. Combined, they will make your child an expert.


If we talk about speed typing, it is inevitable that we use the comparison of motor racing to learn how to type. TypeRacer is precisely a typing game for children that “plays” with racing cars to learn to type at full speed. grace is that you don’t play alone. You have rivals to face.

It is available in several languages, including English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese or Galician. The game is free, it is played from the browser and it basically consists of typing the letters or words that appear on the screen. If you type them correctly, your car will move faster or slower.