The best chargers with multiple USB ports and fast charging

Last week, insider photos of the new Apple power supply. Its peculiarity was not even the power, which amounted to only 35 W in the presence of 29-watt models on sale, but the number of connectors, which increased from one to two. Until now, there wasn’t a single charger in Apple’s lineup that could charge more than one device at the same time. But, firstly, the promised new product has not yet been released and it is not known when it will be released, and secondly, its power will not be enough to quickly Charge two iPhones at once, and, thirdly, such a device is clearly not worth three kopeks. Therefore, we have selected several alternatives from worthy manufacturers for you that are devoid of the flaws of the memory that has not yet been released.


Apple is about to release a charger with two USBs. But it will be weak and it won’t be clear when


Charging with two USBs from Xiaomi

Xiaomi not only manufactures smartphones, but also accessories for them

If charger power is not critical to you, and you accept a charge two smartphones at once or plan to charge with the iPhone, for example, AirPods or Apple Watch, then there is no need to purchase most powerful memory. For these tasks, a 25 to 35 watt model will suffice. That’s the same amount Apple’s new power supply will deliver. But then you won’t have to wait for its release.

Price: 1290 rubles (with seller’s coupon)

Buy a Xiaomi charger

Instead of the unreleased original, I suggest you pay attention to Xiaomi charger. Its output power is 33W and it supports the protocol PD fast charging. Obviously, it won’t release two iPhones at once, but an iPhone paired with some sort of accessory completely is. Conveniently, of the two connectors offered by this power supply, one is USB-C and the other is USB-A. This will allow you to use different cables.

Flat food

Flat power supply – a very convenient thing for the office

33 W is certainly not the ultimate dream. Many of us often have to charge multiple devices at the same timewhich are more demanding in output power capacity. Let’s say the iPhone and the iPad, which each require a minimum of 20 watts to recharge at a more or less tolerable speed, not to mention the energy losses that come with it. Therefore, it is better to take a more powerful model. Watts like 45.

Price: 4100 rubles (with promo code ANKERAPR01)

Buy an Anker charger

This anker charger good not only because it meets our output power requirements, with a potential of only 45 watts, while having a very compact flat body, but also equipped with four connectors at once: one USB-C and three USB -HAS. That is to say, with this Power source You can charge four devices at the same time. Clearly it should be something simpler, for example, an iPhone + headphones or a smartwatch, or a power bank.

Charger for multiple phones

65 watt power bank can charge two smartphones at the same time at maximum speed

If you do not need compactness, but need a sick high potential, then it would be better to take such a memory from the same manufacturer – Anker. It has an exit power 65W and also has four connectors. But, unlike the previous model, here their combination is given in reverse order: three USB-C connectors and a single USB-A. In my opinion, it’s even better, because today most cables support fast charge equipped with a USB-C connector.

Price: 1730 (with seller’s coupon)

Buy Anker 65W Charger

65W charger – this, in my opinion, is an absolutely universal contraption that you can buy and forget about everything in the world. With such power it will be possible not only charge two iPhones, without sacrificing charging speed, but also connect your MacBook, providing it with the power flow needed to perform heavy tasks. With such a memory, you can edit videos, process photos and even play, if necessary – there will be no drawdown.

100W charger

With a 100 watt charger you can simultaneously charge smartphones, laptops and tablets

Since we have started raising rates, we will continue to do so. In the end, a 65 watt memory is still not 100 watts. Moreover, even some Apple devices today require the most powerful power supplies. For example, the new MacBook Pros, for which Apple has developed 96W charger. This is the most powerful power supply in the company’s line, which costs accordingly – 9990 rubles.

Price: 3800 rubles (with promo code 999TOP)

Buy Ugreen 100W Charger

But there is no need to spend so much when you have this model from Ugreen. I use a similar charger myself and am completely satisfied with it. Thanks to four connectors, I can simultaneously charge multiple devices at onceA: MacBook Air, iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4. All charge as fast as I can tell. In any case, it takes a minimum of time. And such a thing costs 2.5 times cheaper than Apple’s.

Powerful car charger

You can charge multiple phones even in the car

Naturally, the need to recharge your entire fleet of gadgets can arise not only at home, but also on the road. If you are traveling by car, there is no problem. just buy this car Ugreen 69W Charger. I specifically recommend the most powerful version available because it’s (a) capable of charging multiple devices at once, which is essential when traveling, and (b) costs extremely little money.

Price: 1600 rubles

Buy a car charger

Majority car chargers at best they only have two connectors. But this model offers three at once. Of these, two are USB-C and only one is USB-A. The variety of interfaces will allow you to use different cables depending on what you have on hand. True and fast charging, unfortunately, supports only one connector – the one in the middle.

Power bank 40,000 mah

The Mach 40,000 power bank is a great travel solution

another remedy charge multiple devices at once on the road – this is an external battery. But since it is not powered directly from the mains, but simply accumulates energy in itself, its power supply should be sufficient to simultaneously charge more than one gadget, and also to do this as quickly as possible. After all, of charging speed depends on how soon you can start using your device.

Price: 2390 rubles (with seller’s coupon and promo code FY54DU)

Buy ROMOSS power bank

Power bank ROMOSS PEA40 Zeus meets all requirements. First, he has 40,000mAh battery. Second, there are up to four connectors on its body: two USB-C and two USB-A – choose the one that suits your cable. Third, it supports fast charging with an 18W output. Yes, that’s not 45 or even 30 watts. But remember that this is a power bank that does not feed off energy from the mains, but simply accumulates it.