The Boarding School: The Peaks Prime Video

The boarding school: the heights It’s become a curious phenomenon since premiering in 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. Despite its obvious storyline and pacing flaws, the first season became a hit with audiences. So much so that the platform has decided to expand and deepen the story with eight new chapters. On this occasion, the controversy returns to the boarding school and its intrigues. AND finally opts for a precise tone.

After the criticism that previous chapters received for their failure to show a definite plot, The boarding school: the heights explore the suspense. And it does so with far more skill and good storytelling decisions than its multi-screen debut. Even so, the series takes a bumpy road again trying to interconnect different stories with each other and offer its characters new scenarios.

Of course, it’s a risk. The boarding school: the heights bases its effectiveness on the script’s precarious balance between a hint of enigmatic depth and an entertaining melodrama. Also in the attempt to sustain a seemingly convoluted story of some simplicity.

The second season retains the light and experimental feel of the source material, but explores the possibility of mature solidity. It doesn’t succeed every time – its big flaw is not finding tone and rhythm – but it manages to hold its own as a cohesive narrative. Like its version of Antena 3, The boarding school: the heights is a visit from two different genres that come together at different times.

On the one hand, a slightly gothic air which is more felt in its second season and which the plot benefits from. At the other extreme, his insistence on youthful identity and mystery as a backdrop. Between the two things The boarding school: the heights retraces the feeling of confusion left by its first season and finds its identity. It’s no longer a version of more successful material or a horror-tinged story with teenage faces. It’s a curious hybrid between the mystery that surrounds the boarding school – transformed for the occasion into one more character – and the link with latent darkness. One that manages to achieve in its most elaborate moments but isn’t always comprehensible or linear in its lowest.