The cheapest Pixel 6a could be presented today, and that’s all we know


Still without confirmations, all the details of an unpublished Google Pixel 6a are already circulating on the Internet and could finally be presented during this I/O 2022.

Google played with the launch of its new mid-size Pixel phone and cheaper, although the truth is that as the Pixel 6a, we’ve only seen leaks of all colors, but by no means confirmations of a smartphone that should be presented todaywith the launch of Google I/O 2022 which is about to kick off in Mountain View.

We do not know if Google will finally meet the deadlines, in fact it is that its most important annual fair has always been to talk about software rather than hardwarebut what we do know is that the internet was leaked hours after this hypothetical presentation all the details of the still hypothetical Google Pixel 6aand that can only mean that it will indeed be official today.

Google Pixel 6a

Filtered detail of the sales package of this still unreleased Google Pixel 6a.

The first thing is to talk about this image that serves as the header of the article, and that, as they told us from ChromeUnboxed, it would show the packaging pixel 6a advertisingclearly showing that will share the design lines already known of its brothers the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Hours after the doors opened for Google I/O 2022, images and details of an as-yet-unreleased Google Pixel 6a surfaced on the network that we may officially know today… review everything we know together?

The next cheap Pixel will be even more powerful than the Pixel 6, according to the first tests

Obviously and as you can imagine, the fact that the design and the materials coincide does not mean that there is not significant cost reductiongood google will reduce photographic performance and also some additional key componentslike the memory configuration, here looking for a more attractive price but maintaining the essence of the Pixel 6 family.

Also here they fetch cheaper prices won’t involve ditching the Google Tensor GS101 chipsetwho also wants to play the main role in the hardware platform of this mid-size smartphone charting apple’s strategy with its cheaper iPhones and Apple Bionic chipsets.

Since it’s been leaked almost completely, well, we’re not going to entertain you anymore and here we leave you with the table of technical characteristics which travels at lightning speed throughout the network, hinting at a smartphone that will once again entrust everything to the user experience without too expensive fanfare, and also to success google image processing which minimizes the effects of less efficient hardware.

  • Google Pixel 6a, features and technical specifications:
    • Display.- 6.2-inch, 90Hz FHD+ OLED
    • Chipset.-Google Tensor GS101
    • RAM memory.- 6 or 8 GB LPDDR4x
    • Storage.- 128 GB (not expandable)
    • Connectivity.- Dual 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth LE, aGPS, NFC, USB-C
    • Battery.- 4,800 mAh (not removable) with fast charging up to 25 or 30 watts
    • Front camera.- 8 MP (IMX355)
    • Rear cameras.- 12.2 MP (IMX363) and 12 MP ultra wide angle (IMX386)
    • Operating System.- Android 12
    • Dimensions.- 8.7 millimeters thick

Little or almost nothing is missing for satisfy the vast majority of Android usersso just like the Pixel 4a was, surely this new Pixel 6a will directly become another of the featured mobiles in all recommendation pools new terminals with the three “B”s: good, attractive and inexpensive.

As for the remaining doubts, well, actually nothing has yet been said about introductory or reference pricesso we can only speculate that Google will keep PVP below 500 euro to compete with the best mid-range and offset phones.

Plus they tell us the launch should happen the whole month of Julyat least on its first markets, even if we will have to wait for confirmations on which countries will accompany the United States in these first steps of the launch of the Pixel 6A.

We will continue to report, so don’t log out of Google I/O too much these days…!

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