The classic “Angry Birds” is back, and it comes with several new features

The legendary classic version of angry Birds, which has conquered millions of gamers over the past decade, is back on our smartphones. For a long time already, Rovio, the development company, announced its intentions to relaunch its game with countless improvements and a new graphics engine. Well today is finally the day, and Rovio Classics: Angry Birdsname under which the title was relaunched, arrives for offer new tunes to the old proposal.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds It has something unusual in current games, since the title will not charge anything in the application. That is to say, there will be no coins, gems, advertising or anything else to generate in-game revenue. Of course, if we want to download it we will have to pay a fixed amount of 0.99 dollars, although it is a one-time payment and later we will forget about the additional payments.

This new version of angry Birds It has a few changes, although none are really drastic. The game It comes with the original essence with which it was launched in 2009, with the same game modes and the same dynamics. Sure, Rovio made a few changes, but nothing that particularly affects gameplay.

angry Birds is a recreation of the game that started it all. Going back to the golden age of 2012, Rovio Classics: Angry Birds offers all the bird-throwing satisfaction of the original game of angry Birds, now rebuilt for modern devices. Get your fingers ready with the slingshot for super satisfying bird mayhem and a healthy dose of nostalgia.


The changes of the new Angry Birds

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds

This new version was developed in the Unity graphics engine. In this way, Rovio plans to make that translating code to different platforms is much easier to perform. But that’s not all.