The classic Mario Kart 64 game was going to be very different from the one we know

mario kart 64

Nintendo 64 / Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart is one of the most successful series in the Nintendo catalog

If the Japanese company has shown us anything over the past decades, it’s that a large part of the success of its deliveries is due to explore genres that cross platforms and puzzles. We got to see their characters compete in a wide variety of challenges, but the Mario Kart series has managed to stand out among all.

Kart racing driven by Nintendo characters did the trick, and its popularity was unprecedented. Franchise has been evolving by leaps and bounds since 199of them to adapt to new technological requirements, but some deliverables could have been Very different from how we know them. And ‘Mario Kart 64’ is a clear example.

mario kart 64

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Super Mario Kart R, Kamek as a playable character and other big differences

Through various historical documents we can discover lots of unused material in the final version of the racing game for Nintendo 64. The first beta screen reveals that initially ‘Mario Kart 64’ was going to be called “Super Mario Kart R”. The “R” referred to “Render”, but that’s not the only difference with what we know today.

The panel where it allows us to choose the pilot with whom to race, appeared Kamek. However, this powerful enemy he was eventually replaced by Donkey Kong. Also, in the character selection, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, etc. were looking straight ahead. Finally, there were also minor differences in the HUD, on-screen objects, and certain track names. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of all this is that there was a multiplayer function that allowed us put the screen in landscape or portrait, but he ended up being thrown away.

“Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” is one of the favorite sagas in the Nintendo Switch games catalog, and the numbers prove it. Its worldwide popularity led it to become the franchise’s best-selling racing game and the third most successful title in the company’s long history. As if that wasn’t enough for the series, now with the release of the new cards, the number is expected to rise and maintain its position for much longer.

Source: MarioWiki