The detail why the Google Calculator is so special

Google’s calculator uses calculable numbers instead of floats, which allows it to display more accurate results.

Google has a complete ecosystem of proprietary applicationsin which we can not only find popular applications such as Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Drive or Google Keep, but also other very useful tools such as Calendar, Contacts or Calculator.

In this sense, thanks to the Reddit user gnulynnux, we have just discovered that the Google Calculator application, which recently exceeded 1,000 million downloads on the Google Play Store, has a detail that makes it one of a kind.

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The Google Calculator app hides a feature that makes it unique

Google Calculator is the only calculator app that uses calculable numbers

If you open the Google Calculator app and type the number Pi, you will see that you can scroll to its thousandth digit, then continuesomething you can’t do with most Android calculator apps.

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This is so because the Google Calculator use computable numbers instead of floating numbersa feature that allows you to view more accurate results.

In mathematics, calculable or recursive numbers are real numbers that can be calculated with full precision through the use of a finite completion algorithm. Calculable numbers can be used instead of real numbers for the vast majority of mathematical operations.

This detail turns Google Calculator into the only calculator application that uses calculable numbers to perform its mathematical operations and in the most advanced calculator app you can find in the play store.

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Also, google calculator It is completely free and is already pre-installed by default. in the vast majority of Android smartphones on the market, so you will no longer need to install a third-party application to perform any type of mathematical calculation.

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