the electric scooter that Xiaomi fears

The firm SmartGyro is one of the most prominent manufacturers in this scenario.

If you want to have a good electric scooter and they only recommend looking at Xiaomi models, your friends are very wrong. The market for urban electric mobility is broader and companies such as SmartGyro stand out for having some of the the best and most powerful scooters today. This SmartGyro SpeedWay PRO 170 euros fell today placing its price at €599.90. In the panorama of cheap electric scooters, this SmartGyro is the undisputed king.

It is a little more expensive than the typical ones from Xiaomi and Cecotec, but when I explain its characteristics to you, it will change your face. It has a much higher autonomy than usual (more than double), its power is insane for this price and it has a series of functions and components that justify the price yes or yes. For only 600 euros you can take one one of the best electric scooters on the marketand it will last you for many years, I assure you.

Buy the SmartGyro SpeedWay PRO for 599.90 euros (PVC 770 €)

SmartGyro Speedway PRO

The SmartGyro SpeedWay PRO is the most outstanding, powerful and durable electric scooter today.

This electric scooter will lift your bangs on more than one occasion thanks to its power. eye is a large vehicle, larger than the typical Xiaomi. It has wheels 10″ pneumatic (compared to the usual 8.5″). This time These tires are type tubeless, that is, they do not mount an inner tube as usual in bicycles and scooters of this type. This will help us greatly so that a puncture does not occur in the magnitude to which we are accustomed.

What most catches our attention on this SmartGyro SpeedWay PRO is both its battery and its motor: it has a 1200W maximum power motorwith a nominal power of 800 W. This will give us speed up to 25 km/h (limited by law), but you can undoubtedly achieve much more speed without this limitation. Your battery will give us a autonomy between 50 and 60 km, more than double what the best-selling Xiaomi and Cecotec models are used to. It is thanks to the enormous Battery 15,000 mAh at 48 V which incorporates this scooter which, by the way, is fully charged in 5 hours.

The body of this electric vehicle is in steel and ABSwe have front and rear disc brakes, front brake light, LEDs on the base and 4 indicators (front and back). Its structure it is foldablealthough its weight, due to its huge battery and larger size goes up to 25 kg.

This beautiful scooter also has IPX4 certified splash protection. It doesn’t have an app to be able to manage some settings, it’s more analog than others, but that’s where its grace lies. It is a vehicle that you will manage and take care of it with your own handsyou will tune up and wash your hands after washing the face of your scooter thoroughly before continuing day to day use.

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