the eroticism between Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas is not enough

Adrien-Lyne returns to eroticism deep waters (deep waters), the most recent production of Amazon Prime Video. The return, after several years without being behind the camera (Unfaithful created in 2002), is in keeping with its cinematographic tradition. A film of skin and action, of adrenaline and tensions that lead to intimate encounters or personal conflicts, with Ben Affleck and Anne of Arms as protagonists.

In Adrian Lyne’s cinema, sex is a vehicle for saying much more than the intimacy between one and the other. In the case of deep watersis part of the support of the relationship between Vic Van Allen (Ben Affleck) and Melinda Van Allen (Anne of Arms). On the other hand, it is what constantly threatens this bond. The two have a fictional relationship, which is activated during social encounters. Beyond these encounters, she is cold and lacking in affection (coming out of sporadic hot flashes).

The detail is that, unlike Vic, Melinda seeks that adrenaline lost over the years in others. To the point of manipulating her husband into knowing about these meetings or paying the costs. As absurd as it may seem, this is Lyne’s way of showing a less frank side of sentimental relationships and with recognizable dramatic conflicts. deep waters it’s a little harder in that sense, inviting us to think even more about the importance of issues such as communication and individuality (even as a couple).

deep waters and the value of atmospheres

many sequences movie they are slow, in empty spaces, with different planes in relation to the characters or an object between them. These are allegories and points of view that Lyne uses to suggest to the viewer the gap between one and the other. What could be a perfect family, including a daughter, without economic or sociability problems, is the result of a series of decisions that established a bond that ended up enslaving them both.

This is why the atmospheres shooting spaces and tension are key issues in this story. These aspects sometimes give the feeling of being faced with a movie of mystery, close to offering a detail that makes it a horror film, even if later it settles as a more natural thriller in which the disappearance of a body and the death of one of the characters brings a another level of tension, in which Ben Affleck takes the reins of the story.