The fourth episode of ‘Moon Knight’ will blow your mind

Sometimes, to make a very simple scene attractive, filmmakers resort to catchy shots and camera movements. This is what happens with the initial of the episode “The Tomb” (1×04) of moon knightthe miniseries created by Jeremy Slater (2022) for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, responsible for “Summon the Suit” (1×02), offer us a to return to no trick followed by a detail drawing with traveling retro.

Then, after the marvelous titles, they return to the situation in which Steven Grant of Oscar Isaac and Layla El-Faouly of May Calamawy had stopped after the beautiful celestial spectacle at the end of “The Friendly Type” (1×03). The danger is immediate, and the resolution is acute. The tangible of the environmenton the other hand, invites us to weigh how much the staging of moon knight if we compare it with that of the film death on the nile (2022) and its raw CGI.

A violent mystery emerges, which is explored further, and when a terrible threat is revealed, it serves to deepen the the different tone of this Disney+ fiction. And, in a moment of intimacy, the main actor, tanned Agora (2009), Conduct (2011) or the last films of star wars (2015-2019), undoubtedly demonstrates how much he studied his character with a very unexpected awkward posture, a trifle that can only delight us.

The dynamic of terror returns in “Moon Knight”

Marvel Studios | Disney+

they come back the narrative and audiovisual mores of horror cinema a moon knight in “The Tomb”, to the point that his creative team is allowed to include details that the Sam Raimi of Infernal Possession (1981) or Drag Me to Hell (2009). But not so bad, of course, that it’s a series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But what we see here of hemoglobin and soft gore is brand new in the series super heroic.

The big revelation that occurs in the middle of the chapter is revealing, and we are ready to say that historiography enthusiasts will love. If you’re not a picky eater, of course, leave this twist of moon knight She did not go through university faculties. This while Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow drills evil manipulator expected of him, a trait that brings him closer to Daniel Brühl’s Baron Helmut Zemo.

His lyrics are effective but don’t waste eloquence, the usual in the adventures of Marvel; And, in any case, we owe it to Alex Meenehan, assistant to executive producer and screenwriter Eric Ellis Overmyer during the development of The man in the castle (2015-2019) and author of a few episodes of Bosch (2014-2021), his work, and Peter Cameron and Sabir Pirzada, who had already written two screenplays for Wanda Vision (2021) and “The Friendly Guy” (1×03).

Two rounds to leave our mouths open

To the dramatic time bomb that was planted in the previous episode of moon knight the fuse burns out but, not only does it not wreak havoc, but it serves to hint at the superhero’s origin. But there is not much time to reflect on this subject because, to begin with, a tragic fate interrupts our thoughts with a composition in slow motion by Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson very effective and therefore the most appropriate.