The iPhone is also suffering from the resurgence of COVID-19 in China

Manzana It is another of the companies suffering from the harsh containment measures in the face of the most recent outbreak of COVID-19 in China. asian nikki indicates that Pegatron Yes Howtwo important suppliers of the Californian company, had to suspend the production of their devices. The main ones concerned by this measure are the iPhone and the MacBook Pro and Air.

In the case of Pegatron, it was forced to halt work at its factories in Shanghai and Kunshan. And this is not a minor fact, because they are the only facilities of the company that are dedicated to the manufacture of the iPhone, and from there comes 20-30% of total Apple smartphone units.

On this topic, Bloomberg He adds that Pegatron had managed to keep its factories in operation despite previous closures due to sanitary measures. This was due to local authorities allowing company workers into their workplaces following strict guidelines in a “bubble” format that reduced the risk of contagion. However, since this modality is no longer authorized, the Taiwanese manufacturer had no choice but to comply with the closure of its facilities.

still unknown how long will they be closed the factories that produce the iPhone on behalf of Pegatron. The firm said in a stock market filing that the resumption of work will depend on future government notifications.

And in the case of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, the story seems even more complicated. Did Quanta, the company that makes them in Shanghai, report that the production line has been shut down since the beginning of April. To this must be added the effect on other supplier companies which are also affected by the containment measures, and which impact both directly and indirectly on Apple.