The Kirby mini-game that is full of references to Nintendo’s sagas


Kirby and the Forgotten Land

A few days ago we saw the return of Kirby with his new title for Switch, Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The saga of the pink balloon, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, is back with his first 3D gamesince until now we had only been able to enjoy it in two dimensions.

Kirby’s journey over all these years is very long, leaving a total of 50 video games for all types of Japanese brand consoles, from the old Game Boy to the Switch. Throughout this long history, there have been titles that have marked the generations that have grown up with them, while others have gone more unnoticed.

Kirby Super Star: nine games in one title

kirby superstar is a title from the franchise released in 1996 for the super nintendo. The most characteristic of this delivery is that it is not a single video game, but a set of seven games and two mini-games various Kirby games created just for this release.

The curious thing about this playset is the large number of references to other Nintendo titles in their settings, characters or objects. Among them, we find some protagonists of the saga of Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda or even Super Smash Bros..


kirby superstar

An example of this is the presence of Mario, Luigi, Toad and Birdo in the audience of the battle against the villainous Dedede in megaton hitone of Kirby Super Star’s minigames. Mario also makes an appearance in the credits of milky way wishes, the last game of the title. Additionally, when Kirby or his assistant Rocky use the Stone ability, they have the option of transforming into a Mario statue.

In Kirby Super Star, Kirby gets a hat very similar to Link’s when he gets the Sword ability, which allows him to fire his sword when he has his energy bar full. These are two clear references to The Legend of Zeldaone of Nintendo’s best known and most beloved titles.

The Great Cave Offensive: The Kirby Super Star Game Based on Nintendo References


Kirby Super Star: The Great Cavern Offensive

The Great Cave Offensive is the fourth Kirby Super Star game and is, without a doubt, the title that includes the most Nintendo references through its treasures:

Mr. Saturn refers to the earth saga

The bucket is the bucket of Mario and Wario

Screw Attack is a skill of metroid

Falcon’s Helmet is the helmet of the protagonist of f-zero

Turtle Shell is Koopa’s shell in Super Mario Bros.

Kong’s Barrel is the barrel of donkey kong

The wings of Pegasus are the wings of Child Icarus

Triforce refers to The Legend of Zelda

Source: VGFacts