The Last of Us will win a series on HBO with the creator of Chernobyl.

The last of us , from developer Naughty Dog and the PlayStation exclusive, will win a series on the HBO channel. The reveal was delivered exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter and confirmed on Twitter by the game’s own producer. Craig Mazin, creator of Chernobyl HBO (award winning mini-series) will be the TV adaptation of the game.

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To ensure this adaptation, regardless of the number of “poetic freedoms”, Departures according to the Game Universe, Neil Druckmann (screenwriter and creative director of The last of us He will also be involved in the production of the series and will work with Mazin, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This project will be the first television adaptation of a PlayStation Productions franchise.

The Last of Us: post-apocalyptic human relations

Released in June 2013 (PS3) and re-released in 2014 (PS4), the game won multiple Game of the Year awards and sold over 17 million copies worldwide, both on PlayStation 3 and in the remastered PlayStation 4 version.

The background of the story is the ruin of society as we know it, following the massive contamination of humans by a fungus that transforms the person into a kind of zombie (but the concept goes far beyond a mere undead).

for comparison purposes, if you have never played, we can compare the the last of us to the events of The Walking Dead : Both have post-Zombie apocalypse backgrounds, but the narrative focuses on human relationships, or what remains of humanity in some people.

In the game, the player accompanies the saga and drama of Joel (who lost his daughter at the start of the epidemic) and young Ellie, a teenager who may be the centerpiece in trying to understand all that is happened in the game world. They must cross a devastated country to reach a laboratory (I will stop here because of the spoilers).

Throughout this journey, the two, hitherto unknown, will go through so much, suffer so much and (sometimes) laugh that the player will inevitably be also involved with their two bonds of friendship, even paternal, which develop. Worth playing! Oh, The Last of Us – Part II EM> has released the predictions for May 29, 2020.

But when will the series end?

Unfortunately, there is no preview of the series yet the last of us on HBO and still nothing has been mentioned about the cast. Certainly the expectations around WHO bringing Joel and Ellie (the leaders) to life will be very high. Which actors would you recommend to them?

with information: The Hollywood Reporter