The latest AirTags update makes it easier to find them when trying to catch us.


Apple protects users against unwanted tracking with a new update!

Apple’s new AirTags firmware update aims to implement a system of shield against bullyingthanks to an unwanted tracking sound adjustment that makes it easier to locate them.

Earlier this week, Apple began rolling out its software update for AirTags without providing details, but confirmation was quick to come with the officialization of the support that adjusts the sound made by unknown AirTags traveling with users.

Given the complaint of cases of harassment, in particular targeting women, in which AirTags have been used, the Californian giant has made several changes in the way trackers work. In February, they announced some changes that would go into effect in March and some later.

The key is in the sound

One of the changes included in this week’s update was the loudest tone sequence played by an unknown AirTag, to help you locate it easily. So far, iOS users who receive spam tracking alert can play a sound to help them find the unknown AirTag.

It is estimated that Apple is rolling out the firmware in a staggered fashionsince there is no way to force the update of your AirTags, and although the update has a delivery limit of 1% of AirTag users, it is from Tuesday that the increase started up to 10% on May 3 and 25% on May 9.

The latest AirTags update makes it easier to find them when trying to catch us.

Apple updates anti-spy AirTags

is planned the full launch for May 13although at this time Apple cannot completely block harassment trackers and prioritize Android users:

The Outdated AirTags only make a sound after three days if out of range, so if the target and owner are within Bluetooth range, the timer restarts. Thus, weeks may pass before the harassed person hears the alarm.

We think that the update should significantly reduce the time and according to those of Cupertino, the sounds must be reproduced at irregular times, eight hours after the last contact or a day at the most.

One thing to keep in mind is that Apple will ship AirTags with firmware 1.0.225 in late April. Although it cannot be activated manually, but at least the version number can be checked.

How to Update AirTags to the Latest Firmware Version

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