The Mac Studio has slots to add more SSD memory

The Mac Studio, the new Apple team with M1 Max and M1 Ultra chip, It has an extra slot to add more SSD memoryas shown in youtuber Max Yuriev, from the Max Tech chain, after disassembling the computer. Yuryev also assures that adding more SSD memory is a relatively simple process.

Disassembling the Mac Studio to access the port, indeed, is not complicated at all with the right tools. Simply remove the rubber that covers the circular base of the equipment and unscrew the rear aluminum cover. Port is visible even with power on attached, and to add more memory there would be no need to remove it either, as there is enough space to install an SSD in the slot.

Yuryev, having removed the power supply, decides check if the SSD compatible with the Mac Pro is also compatible with this new Mac Studio. Apple, let’s remember, sells SSD kits of different capacities for users who need to expand the memory of their most professional equipment. The size of the component however does not match the size of the Mac Studio chassis, making expansion impossible.

Mac Studio’s SSD memory is not expandable, according to Apple

SSD port in the Mac Studio. By: Max Tech.

Apple, on the other hand, mentions on its website that expansion of internal memory not possible and advises choosing a higher option if the user thinks they will need more storage in the future.

“Remember that Disk Storage is built into Mac Studio and cannot be accessed. If you think you need more capacity in the future, we recommend upgrading when purchase.”

Next, why is there an extra slot? The disassembled Max Yuryev disk probably has a capacity that only takes up one SSD slot. Higher versions could use both ports. In any case, the fact that this location remains empty gives the possibility of expanding the memory in the future. As long as, yes, Apple markets SSD Kits compatible with this Mac Studio.

mac studio is available in up to five storage configurations. The basic version has 512 GB, and it is possible to expand it with 1, 2, 4 or up to 8 TB. It is also possible to choose different versions of the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips which vary in CPU speed and GPU, as well as different Unified Memory variants.