‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’: A Powerful Series

After watching the first four chapters of The Man Who Fell to Earth, we are facing what could be one of the surprise series of the year. There are a total of nine episodes, so it would be advisable not to jump to too many conclusions about how the plot unfolds. Still, the initial preview is engaging, intriguing, and well done.

The context of this series is varied and powerful. The first is literary: it is a production inspired by the homonymous novel by Walter Tevispublished in 1963. A story of science fiction developed at a time when the word did not compete with so many other forms of expression as it does today. The second reference is cinematographic: david bowie played in the film created in 1967, under the direction of Nicholas Roeg.

In this film, Bowie played Thomas Jerome Newton, who came to earth with the goal of finding a way to transport water to his planet, pressed her. This character is mentioned again in The Man Who Fell to Earthas the link between Faraday, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, and its planet, Anthea. Even Newton reappears, but this time he is played by night bill.

These are just two of the notable actors who stand out in the story. These aren’t about cameos or empty scenes, but about people who make it easier for these actors to serve up their craft for the benefit of the story. Like when Clarke Peters appears and begins to build one of the best scenes of the series, singing “Daddy Was a Rolling Stone” with the protagonists, including naomi harris In the role of Justin falls.

The Man Who Fell to Earth:
more than good tunes

Although the cast of The Man Who Fell to Earth includes other important names, such as jimmy simpson Yes kate mugrew, it does not stop there. The visual engagement of the series is powerful. Its director has a lot of credit, alex kurtzmanwho also wrote the screenplay with Jenny Lumet. Not only in these dreamlike and supernatural scenes, but even in other types of scenarios in which there is no greater spectacular: the photography and the management of the camera facilitate the immersion of the spectator in the story that he wants to tell.

Although it is not a comedy, there are moments where humor is present. They are breaths of air within a drama where it is necessary to maintain the attention during each episode: a detail which is lost can make it difficult to understand later. Developing at different times, confusion is a possibility. Therefore: this is not a series to watch on the go.

Within a vast and diverse universe of content, The Man Who Fell to Earth it does not work as one that can be seen doing something else but as an entertainment option that attracts the viewer, which between its realization and its writing offers an intense and complex science fiction experience, while remaining digestible. In the latter, the soundtrack has a lot of value, with iconic themes and impeccable sound management.

Much of the first four episodes serve to recreate the character’s transformation. An extraterrestrial who gradually adapts to humanity, sharing its language, its customs, until becoming one more. the series of Show time can be seen through Movistar Plus.