The Mandalorian is the most popular among the Star Wars and Marvel series

At present, there is no doubt that the series of wonder and star wars They are the ones who grab the spotlight the most in the entertainment world. Its worldwide popularity is indisputable; Proof of this is the expectation generated by the premiere of each episode. However, what happens when we pit these Disney Plus productions against each other? A Nielsen analysis indicates that The Mandalorian continues to overshadow the rest of the content.

According to the data he collects The Hollywood Reporter , The Mandalorian dominate viewing time from a Marvel series or star wars with 14.52 billion minutes watched, of which almost 58% (8.38 billion minutes) belong to the second season. This allowed it to establish itself as the most-watched season on Disney Plus.

In second place we find the first season The Mandalorianwith 5,420 million minutes viewed, while third place goes to Loki, with 5,230 million minutes. follow them Wanda Vision and boba fett book, with 4,800 and 4,400 million respectively. As you can see, there is a huge difference with the first position.

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It should be mentioned that this data was only obtained during the period of the series’ broadcast on Disney Plus. In other words: in the weeks when the episodes are released.