The Marvel character that Bad Bunny will play: who is El Muerto?

The news became another big news for Sony at the event. Earlier, the studio announced a new sequel to ghost huntersas well as the third film of the saga Venom. The El Muerto announcement is a weird twist on Sony’s usual formula. So far, the study has opted for singular characters but with a relevant context in the world of Spidey. But The dead is an exploration of different locations in the history of New York’s friendly neighbor. What is clear is that intentions to create an increasingly robust interconnected universe are growing.

The announcement of Bad Bunny’s appearance was made directly by Sony Motion Picture Group, Sanford Panitch, suggesting its importance in the future. According to El Muerto press release of January 12, 2024. With Spider Man. Through the Spider-Verseits sequel and madam canvas Along the way, it’s clear that Sony is working in a completely different direction than Disney. At least, As for the world of Spider-Man, which includes an in-depth look at its lesser-known stories and also some never-before-seen characters.

The selection of Bad Bunny as the project’s protagonist also surprised. However, this seems to be the natural selection for a project with the characteristics of El Muerto. The Puerto Rican-born singer, producer and actor also has a known career as a professional wrestler. However, his work is much better known in the musical field. For two consecutive years, he has been the artist with the most reproductions on Spotify, which makes him a particular idol of the masses. In the world of cinema, the singer appeared in F9: The Fast Saga and also in the Netflix series Narcos: Mexico.

According to opinion The Hollywood ReporterBad Bunny was at CinemaCom and immediately expressed his enthusiasm for the project. “It’s the perfect role for me. It’s going to be epic.”

A singular hero from the hand of Bad Bunny for the new spiderverse

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In the world of comics, beyond Bad Bunny, The Dead Man is a unique character that plays out in a curious narrative line. Juan Carlos Estrada Sánchez/El Muerto is a wrestler whose powers come from an ancient pact that includes a mask and extraordinary abilities. The legacy has been passed down from generation to generation, but Juan Carlos became the exception when his father saved him from certain death. But in return, he was killed, forcing El Muerto on a tragic quest for justice. In addition, to obtain the powers that correspond to him by inheritance, he must fight until he becomes worthy.

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In the middle of the journey to become stronger and worthy of the family mask, Dead Man will eventually run into Spider-Man. In one of the spiderverse’s lesser-known storylines, Peter Parker haunts the world of fighting. Which will lead him to coincide with the mysterious hero and the one embodied by Bad Bunny.