The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now attracting stars

The first phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe didn’t feature too many leading actors. Except the case of Samuel L Jackson, Scarlett Johansson Yes Gwyneth Paltrow, most of the actors lacked the reputation and massive reach that these comic-inspired productions gave them. Even those mentioned had supporting roles. Although several of the other actors had already passed important milestones in their careers, in almost all cases these films represented a before and after in their careers.

No other franchise today generates the volume of reactions, both digital and off-screen, that a new Marvel movie does. The most recent case Spider-Man: No Coming Home, shook up part of the entertainment world. He did this for the experience generated before the premiere and after the spectators had left the halls.

In 2008, when it was created Hierro’s Manwith Robert Downey Jr., the screenplay directed by Spider-Man: No Coming Home maybe it was unexpected. The race of Robert Downey Jr. was in the air as Marvel took the first steps in building a narrative that already had a captive, attentive, and critical audience, that of the comics. A titanic task.

The growth
from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

to the second movie Hierro’s Man followed by the first Captain AmericaProtagonized by Chris Evans and the beginning of the story Thorwith Chris Hemsworthboth in 2011. Marvel began shaping the trident that would later support all of its narrative, from one developed on earth to one involving different worlds.

Among these productions is also The Incredible Hulk, an almost forgotten film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The sample that the beginning was not easy. Chris Evans was just run over by Fantastic Four (2005), the beginning of a series of adaptations that did not work. For his part, few people may remember Chris Hemsworth before Thor. Now with Robert Downey Jr. all three are references to contemporary superhero cinema, pop icons capable of selling almost any garment and production.

With them as its foundation, the Marvel Cinematic Universe continued to expand. The volume of premieres has increased. The relationships between characters and movies they became noticeable and ambition gradually materialized. The Avengers (2012) and the scene in which the various superheroes come together to face the threat of the Loki it was just a positive symptom of whatever was to come later. It was necessary to continue to bet on this type of adaptation because technology and the historical moment favored powerful phenomena.

The actors concerned

Although it did not feature the main actors of the time (in Thor was also Natalie Portman), offered compelling direction, with potential that seemed alluring, as the DC adaptations just kept working within an integrated storytelling. Most of the actors involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have seen their prestige and position grow with the viewer.

Four years after the premiere of Thoran actor has been added who, by career, could be considered the second-best of the entire cast that makes up this narrative. michael douglasby participating in The ant Man (2015), accompanied who so far is the most important actor to be part of this story, Anthony Hopkins, like Odin; in the latter case, their role has been gradually reduced.