The new European law would also force Apple to offer alternatives to the App Store

The Open App Marketplaces Act could come into force this year!

Apple’s monopoly on installing apps on its devices could have an expiration date before the end of the year, if new European Union law is approved, which would force the company to open alternatives to the App Store.

The new arrangement, known as “Open Application Markets Act”could end forced exclusive store visits by Californians when an app not available in their “windows” is required, or allow file transfer from a remote location such as the Internet to devices or computers.

Europe puts Apple under control

In its articles, the new law on digital markets of the European Union would also allow developers use the App Store bypassing their signature billing systems.

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Europe wants an alternative to the App Store

Although the European Parliament has not yet ratified DMA or direct memory access, most likely to come into effect this yearexcept that Each member of the Union has the power to interpret the provisionaccording to your national legislation.

European Commission spokesperson Johannes Bahrke reviewed the spirit of the new law and underlined:

“We believe that a smartphone owner should have the freedom to choose how to use it. This freedom includes the ability to opt for alternative sources of apps on their smartphone. With DMA, a smartphone owner could still enjoy secure services by default app store on your [teléfonos inteligentes]. In addition to this, if a user wishes, DMA would also allow a smartphone owner to opt out of other secure app stores.”

Apple had already shielded itself from the law by saying DMA would increase security risks in iOS, due to the vast amount of personal information people keep on their iPhones, but it’s worth noting that Mac users can now download third-party appswhile Apple tries to prevent it in iOS.

Apple told technology website The Verge that it is concerned that “certain provisions of the DMA create unnecessary privacy and security vulnerabilities for our users, while others prohibit us from charging for intellectual property in which we invest heavily.”

In the statement of reasonsthe project presented by senators Richard Blumenthal, Marsha Blackburn and Amy Klobuchar, approved in November 2021, was based on benefit of digital services in the context of a digital economy in Europe, where more than 10,000 online platforms operate, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises; while a small number of large online platforms retain most of the overall value generated.

The developer’s vice president of public policy, a bitter enemy of Apple, epic gamesCorieWright reacted and applauded the bill noting that “The introduction of this bill is an important step in the ongoing fight for fairer digital platforms. Its passage would allow developers to seek injunctions for breaking the law, which will help level the playing field for small companies facing monopolies that abuse their market power. »

At the time, Apple’s official statement on the bill stated that “The App Store is the cornerstone of our work to connect developers and customers in a secure and trustworthy way. The result has been an unprecedented driver of economic growth and innovation.

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