the ‘Ode to Joy’ in the apocalypse

After the formidable declaration of war with which the episode “Father” (7×08) of Fear the living dead (since 2015), the following, “Follow Me” (7×09)opens with one of those dream sequences so rare in AMC’s zombie fiction, the work of Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson, that feels so alien amid the stark realism of its double apocalypse.

But the truth is that, during the immediate, only feverish, we also find surrealism, but for the shocking, symphonic and deafening circumstances in which Alicia Clark of Alycia Debnam-Carey wakes up, one of the few main characters who continues in the series from the first season. Yes andthe mystery of what happened until this situation arouses our curiosity.

On the other hand, as an obvious reference for Paul by Warren Snipewhich we even have in our ears and which is then verbalized, is the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven in this chapter of Fear the living dead; but we can’t help but remember Connie anyway, who’s played by Lauren Ridloff in the parent series (since 2010), because of her same, albeit somewhat different, condition.

The customs of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’


When a new survivor we know almost nothing about joins this apocalyptic story, we wonder if he is dangerous. Because logical mistrust that the experience of the characters in this hostile world has remained, out of habit, spectators. And while there are details to know about Paul, we hope he’s not like Kevin Carroll’s Virgil in The Walking Dead.

Why don’t they decide to repeat themselves again in the franchise. Especially yes, in this spin off, they usually introduce different elements. What rather curious scenarios in the human void; from the Mexican hacienda, the Abigail yacht, the Rosarito hotel or the dam to the amusement park, the city of the Wild West, the USS Pennsylvania submarine or the wrestling ring. And, in “Follow Me”, an auditorium.

The tension explodes, however, with zombies in between. Otherwise, this series would not be called Fear the living dead; although sometimes it feels like they include the walking Dead in some episodes What expenses to fulfill the premise or, well, appeal to viewers who love these ominous monsters and want to receive some gory footage with them.

Waste another interesting character with a good climax


Alicia Clark’s hallucinatory engagement in “Father”, with the consequences that we see in this chapter directed by Heather Cappiello after “Handle with Care” (6×10), “USS Pennsylvania” (6×15) and “The Portrait” (7×07) and, for The Walking Dead: World Beyond (2020-2021), “Quatervois” (2×05) and “Who are you? (2×06), follows a certain narrative line of irrational behavior based on dreams.

Before “Follow Me”, we found it in the singular “In Dreams” (6×12), also written by Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, the showrunners from Fear the living dead, but with Nazrin Choudhury. Here, in addition, they use a resource that, in recent years, we would compare to the formidable blind man of Stephen Lang in don’t breathe (2016) and its sequel (2021).