The original HomePod goes up in value after it stops being sold


I can’t believe the resale price of the HomePod!

Loyal users of Apple’s first speaker testify in slow motion the disappearance of the Home Pod marketalthough his high resale value This could serve as a consolation for those who decide to leave such an esteemed jewel.

So if your original HomePod says goodbye, there’s no turning back, because so far the option to replace it is unlikely and only It remains to scour eBay for an increasingly rare HomePod to resell for a modest price, considering that a new or used copy costs an average of $500.

And if quitting or reselling doesn’t work, another alternative is to hope that engineers are working on a new HomePod similar to the original with a faster processor inside and better reliability, priced at $249.

The calvary of prices


The HomePod versus the Apple TV.

the HomePod, which debuted in 2018 with the fundamental promise of reinventing the pleasure of listening to music at home, languishes since Apple pulled it from the scene last March. However, this is not the primary condition of the device. The ordeal began with its launch in 2017 at a price of $350 and the postponement of its sale, under the pretext of a smart speaker.

So it debuted in January 2018 in a classic white version, or the futuristic space gray look, for $349. So they lowered it to 299 dollars in several countriesincluding in the United States, something unusual in its trade policy.

This impression of devaluation was accentuated shortly afterwards with an exclusive promotion for employees for only 149 dollars, an action that must not have pleased the common user. Such a promotion was the prelude to a death announced in the middle of a slow shutdown processthis time with the excuse that HomePod was redirecting its efforts to a mini version for just $99.

resist to the end

Since its birth, HomePod has shown enormous resistance. It refused to disappear from Apple store windows until supplies ran out, but it sparked the disappointment of its fans, resigned to listening to a high-end speaker that cost $349, equipped with a processor that deteriorated. and showed terminal issues. as the famous “pop” sound

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reveals Bitten Apples is working on a smart TV box with a built-in HomePod speaker and FaceTime camera, a smart speaker with a touch screen like the one from Amazon. However, the truth is that neither product has the qualities to become the heir to the original HomePod and its surround sound. If so, his reign despite the absence of an heir is assured for a certain time.

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