The other films for which Will Smith could have won an Oscar

Will Smith is one of those actors who for years has been associated with the Oscar. His recent crowning of “best actor” for his role as the father of sisters Venus and Serena Williams in The Williams Method closing a circle One that, given what has been seen, is wide, both for the interest of specialized critics and for followers. For years and until today, the feeling is that the actor was looking for roles that could bring him closer to the award.

This has led to a handful of poignant films, exploring different dramas, both personal and social. In several of them, the performance is positive and in others less so. But the emotional factor, often key in this type of rewards, was a constant. Therefore, again, and even though she didn’t really have any options, a follower could be heard applying for the award. Somehow, the Oscar and Will Smith’s name were linked from time to time.

king richard offers the particularity of centering a formidable story, with two historical figures of sport, through the eyes of the father and not through them. Along the way, the production serves to make a social critique of racism and the sports system that crushes hundreds of young people who, at one time, aspired to be a star in their discipline.

Beyond this manufacture we share other options for which in some way it has been associated with the price. Included are the two projects for which he was nominated “Best actor“, due to two movies based on real events.

Will Smith and other performances
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Will Smith has played a variety of roles within the industry, from characters set in a futuristic reality, to historical athletes, to personalities from the world of science and even a superhero. Begins the journey through some of the productions he starred in that earned him recognition (and Oscar associations)