The portable battery with “MagSafe” that your iPhone needs is on sale in this color

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You can recharge your mobile wherever you are and in style.

We often complain that our iPhone does not arrive at the end of the day alive, either because we are inveterate call freaks, or because we do not let him rest for a single moment. We found an external battery with wireless charging that you will love it and today it only costs €47.99 in green color.

This is a battery from the firm Anker, a specialist like Belkin in a wide variety of accessories for load for high end both Android and iOS devices, so we are sure that it will work fine as if it was original from Apple. This battery has a charge capacity of 5000mAh, a USB-C port to recharge it and a pin (like that of a motorcycle) to place it vertically.

Buy the ultimate battery for your iPhone

external battery Anker 622

This Anker battery is ideal for using the MagSafe function on our iPhone 12 and 13

This powerbank is not the typical one found on Amazon for less than 10 euros with endless milliamps. This time we have a battery with a capacity greater than enough to charge 100% any iPhone (including iPhone 13 Pro Max). Its base is magnetic, but it is not MagSafe as such, but Anker MagGo. Load can reach a maximum power of 7.5Wenough to recharge your mobile in complete safety.

With its pin you can place the vertical battery and our mobile “stuck” on recharging. We can also use the iPhone while charging with the battery attached to its back with great magnetizing power. Remember that this type of charging is only available on the iPhone 12 and 13. If you have an older model you will need to get a MagSafe compatible ring.

It’s a very compact battery, with so much only 1.25 cm thick and a weight of only 200 grams. It has at its base a indicator consisting of 5 LEDs tiny which will mark the battery charge level at all times, both during charging and while we have the iPhone “stuck” on it.

If you need to have battery all day because your job requires it or because your use is too excessive, don’t hesitate to get a battery like this. By the way, the black color model has a coupon 10 euro discount remaining at 49.99 euros.

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