the puzzle begins to show its pieces

The first pictures of “Warlords” chapter (11×13) of The Walking Deadthe series created by Frank Darabont for AMC in 2010 based on the homonymous comic by screenwriter Robert Kirkman and cartoonists Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard (2003-2019) and which has Angela Kang as showrunner since “A New Beginning” (9×01), they are quite common in their beginnings: those of a zombie limping towards nowhere and their melodic guttural sounds.

And we’re also used to what happens to this walking corpse, but director Loren Yaconelli plans it with cocooning and a much appreciated detail. It’s about showing the routine drudgeries of the apocalypse that the characters trivialize. On this occasion, in a way reminiscent of a certain scene from dawn of the deadthe remake by Zack Snyder (2004), with a similar spirit but without the impudence of writer James Gunn.

But the routine is broken with a new threat and the mystery rigged before the titles, and there is no choice but the episode to launch to unravel it. And the consequences of the decisions made in “The Lucky Ones” (11×12) linger, as well as the clear tendency to remember the distant past protagonists. Maybe a side effect, looking over your shoulder in the last bars of The Walking Deadknowing that they are.

A new game giving characters in ‘The Walking Dead’


When the material becomes a little rarer because of the dance elements, we discover that they have structured the chapter with a lot backtrack in which Gabriel Stokes by Seth Gilliam participates, with whom we are shown a very different attitude to the disturbing drift he had shown in “Hunted” (11×03) or “No Other Way” (11×09). Which could be disappointing if we didn’t trust the future.

Interaction with unknown groups in this violent world, on the other hand, is still used in The Walking Dead for make us nervous for what may happen to our survivors. And all the audiovisual apparatus that composes Loren Yaconelli and the interpretation of those who join the cast, such as Jenique Hendrix and Michael Biehn in the role of Hart and Ian, support this objective.