The Rumbling Opening Music Video Reveals the Anime’s Entire History

Attack the titans

Eren in the first seasons of the anime

Since its premiere in the year 2013the anime of Shingeki no Kyojin It took us down a long road full of mysteries, tensions, epic moments and the saddest deaths. Collect all these moments in a single video is not an easy task, but the performers of the opening of the second part of the final season have shown us that it is possible.

a few days ago Japanese group SiM released the music video for the song on their official YouTube channel The rumblewhich compiles the best moments of the series since its debut.

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Between the succession of scenes from the series, one can also read the Lyrics of the songwhich is totally full of references at key moments in the anime’s history, such as Eren and Mikasa’s first meeting or his childhood in Shiganshina District.

The last chapter comes out this week

East Sunday April 3 The final chapter of the final season of Attack on Titan is airing on Japanese television, after a week’s delay. Fans can’t wait to see the End of the storyalthough they will probably have to wait a bit longer.

It has been rumored for months that the last chapters of the manga would be adapted to movie or other season. This will likely be confirmed after the episode premieres, so we’ll have to keep an eye out to see what ultimately happens.