The second generation Pokémon that is inspired by a spirit of Irish folklore


Pokemon – Piplup and Croagunk

Although there are many generations of Pokémon, for many fans of this franchise, the most beloved generation is the second. This generation introduced worldwide with the games Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver It brought many novelties as well as a large collection of new creatures. Although you don’t know it, one of them was inspired by a spirit of Irish folklore, more precisely the banshees.

For those who don’t know, banshees are female spirits, considered messengers from the other world and who announce the death of a loved one with tears or cries. The second generation Pokémon inspired by these beings is Midreavusa ghostly creature that is part of the screech species.

As we can see, Midreavus, like the banshees, has a female spirit form, although the Pokémon can appear in either gender. In Pokédexes of various regions, it is mentioned that Midreavus scares people at night with his shrill screams and cries, similar to how banshees act according to Irish folklore.

Although this Ghost-type Pokémon was already known for its characteristic appearance, few people knew that it was related to this figure of Irish folklore. At the moment Misdreavus was not among the creatures with the scariest descriptions in the Pokédex, but knowing what it is based on, we could include them in the list of the scariest creatures.

Misdreavus in Pokemon Legends Arceus

As in the case of other second generation Pokémon, Midreavus also has occurs wild in the Hisui region. He is even the protagonist of request 59: “Misdreavus’ hair raises passions” that we can complete in order to unlock new hairstyles inside the Villa Jubileo hair salon. We tell you how to complete this mission and how to get this Pokémon in our Arceus Pokémon Legends guide.