The Sonos Roam will soon be available in other colors

the sonos roam It is one of the most interesting portable speakers that can be found on the market. It is small, it is very powerful and also resistant, being able to be submerged or exposed to dust or earth without suffering any inconvenience. But beyond its many virtues, part of the public has complained to Sonos for the lack of greater color availability (it only exists today in black or white), and it seems that the manufacturer has taken note of this.

It’s that Sonos plans to release versions of the Roam in more colors, according to a recent “leak”. And we mention it in quotation marks because it is not the typical case of to run away which derives from leaked images or data below the painting. On the contrary, this rumor began to circulate after a marketing campaign that the brand itself launched and in which clues would have been left that would point to this possibility.

Sonos emailed subscribers with a somewhat cryptic proposal. The message simply said that “something colorful” was on its way and included an image of a young woman who appeared to be lying by a swimming pool and a countdown timer. The email also contained the phrase “Your future looks bright”, and not much else.

The campaign didn’t say much, clearly. So where does the rumor come from that the Sonos Roam is coming in different colors? From a link.

As posted by a user on the r/sonos subreddit, analysis of the URL included in the email revealed that it understood “utm_campaign=roamcolors_teaser_owners”. While in another comment it was stated that the name of the image file included in the post was “Roam_Colors_Launch.png”.

The Sonos Roam would be renewed with more colors

sonos roam

The evidence highlighted on Reddit seems to assume that the aesthetic revamp of the Sonos Roam will come with new color options. Now we just have to wait and see if that’s really the case. What’s unclear is whether the company planted these clues waiting to be found, or just wasn’t careful enough about it.

The truth is that this week several news are expected regarding Sonos products, and the Roam could make a star appearance. Recall that the portable speaker has received very good reviews, both for its small size and for its impressive sound and excellent build quality. Also, in March this year, the SL version was launched, which does not include a microphone and is cheaper than the conventional version.

In addition to the possible aesthetic renewal of the Sonos Roam, the expectation is growing these days around the announcements prepared by the famous brand of audio products. On the one hand, pending the launch of the Sonos Ray, its new budget soundbar – which has already been leaked in detail. It will offer a similar design to what we saw in the Beam model and will sell for around $250.

The other big version would be Sonos Voice, a voice assistant similar to Alexa and Google Assistant. It would arrive first in the United States at the beginning of June via a software update, and this would be further proof of the brand’s interest in embarking more actively on the services field. The virtual assistant would be compatible with a wide variety of music and radio applications, but in principle it would not work with Spotify and YouTube Music.