the sounds of silence is not an apple tv+ movie

Did streaming just win its first Best Picture Oscar? The answer is no, despite what it seems. In fact, it’s a more complicated circumstance than the fact that Apple TV+ has the distribution rights to CODA: the sounds of silence. The confusion between the terms and the licensing agreement between production companies and streaming services was highlighted at the Oscars. And above all, in the interpretation of its results.

To the surprise of many audiences and critics, CODA: the sounds of silence from Sian Heder won the statuette for the best film of the year 2022. Against all odds, who ensured that dog power would be the winner of the evening, the film became the winner of the event. Not only did he take home the central award at the ceremony, but also Best Supporting Actor and Adapted Screenplay. Immediately, discussion of the film’s quality and relevance surrounded its triumph. But at the same time, an immediate question arose. How does the film’s triumph symbolize streaming’s new influence in major awards?

The answer is much more complex than it seems. Because in fact, CODA: the sounds of silence This is not a produced movie, nor part of the original content on any platform. acquired apple CODA: the sounds of silence during the Sundance Film Festival 2021. A purchase that secures the broadcasting rights and that it cost the platform $25 million. For the moment, it was an acquisition without great ambitions for the streaming service.

But once the film started its path to the Oscars, Apple TV+ focused all of its resources on promoting the production. The result was an unexpected triumph, a milestone in the history of cinema and a confusing situation around rights and licensing. Despite the platform’s role in promoting the film, it’s not a triumph for streaming. CODA: the sounds of silence It is an independent production, which has had no investment from Apple TV + beyond the purchase of its rights.

CODA: The Sounds of Silence: a complicated licensing issue

The whole process around the film demonstrates the current complexity around cinema and its distribution. A circumstance that makes the interpretation of the triumph of CODA: the sounds of silence. Most of the press immediately assured that it was a streaming triumph. When in fact, it could be a success linked to the ability of subscription platforms to capitalize on advertising. Is it then a phenomenon independent of each other? Yes and no.