The unexpected nod to ‘The Simpsons’ in episode 5 of ‘Moon Knight’

The question of fiction of any kind in film fiction is quite interesting. What made-up stories are told in the culture of certain characters. We learned for example that King Kong exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to the series Falcon and the Winter Soldieror Batman and Superman for the movie Eternals (2021). And now we find out they meet the Simpsons after the fifth episode of moon knight (2022).

In the third on Sam Wilson by Anthony Mackie and Bucky Barnes by Sebastian Stan, titled “Power Broker”, the first mentions Skull Island. Halfway through ChloĆ© Zhao’s film, Ma Dong-seok’s Gilgamesh references Alfred Pennyworth and Batman; and later, Richard Madden’s Ikaris is mistaken for Superman. And, in “Asylum” (1×05), a comment by Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaac, points to a beloved resident of bustling Springfield.

Caused by an astonishing turn of his adventure at the end of “The Tomb” (1×04), which led us to a situation very different from that evoked so far in moon knightwith the protagonist’s two personalities split in the Egyptian afterlife and an introspective journey into his past with the aspect of a surreal fantasy or, in reality, his possible confinement in a psychiatric hospital with Doctor Arthur Harrow of Ethan Hawke, previously claimed champion of the goddess Ammit, in front.

A neighbor of the Simpsons in ‘Moon Knight’

“Homer loves Flanders” | 20th Television, Disney Plus

The first time Steve Grant and not Marc Spector, both with the face of Oscar Isaac, occurs in the office of this After discovering how the mate created him to mentally escape the abuse he was subjected to by his own mother, Fernanda Andrade’s Wendy Spector, he throws the remains of a glass of water at the would-be doctor and is surprised to realize that the one he is, that is, getting alarmed along the way and showing a logical misunderstanding of what is happening.

Of course, Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow isn’t dressed like a guru, but with a shirt, waistcoat, tie, and glasses. So, looking at her appearance, Steven Grant said to her: “You’re weird… Your haircut, that mustache… It’s very Ned Flanders”. The Simpsons’ piss-poor neighbor, who is voiced by Harry Shearer and whom Homer hates except in what might be the best episode of the veteran animated series (since 1989). A rather amusing hint in moon knight.

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