The unseen details behind Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock

During the last Oscars broadcast, the most viral scene was the slap in the face of Will Smith for Chris Rockdue to a misplaced joke about Smith’s wife’s alopecia, Jada Pinkett Smith. The moment will go down in film and television history as one of the most surprising. Interpretations of fact range from racial readings to those focused on the physical violence associated with women and an idea of ​​an aesthetic canon that in many cases is not inclusive. The incident also provoked the reaction of several personalities present at the act, who approached the interpreter during the Pause commercial.

Scott Feinberg, journalist for hollywood journalistHe reported that Denzel Washington pulled the actor away for a moment to comfort him, as well as Tyler Perry. His idea, it seems, was for the actor to let off steam after the incident. According to the reporter, “Will appears to be wiping away his tears as he sits down with Jada,” whom Denzel had also grown closer to, as had Smith’s rep.

Judging by what Will Smith said during his speech as the “Best Actor” winner for his role in Williams methodduring these moments Denzel Washington would have said to him: “Watch out, when you’re high, that’s when the devil comes for you‘”. This admission was accompanied by an apology, to which were added others addressed, again, to The Academy and comedian Chris Rock via the social networks of the actor.

Will Smith, Chris Rock joke
and the reference used

Before one of the awards was presented, Chris Rock started making different jokes related to some of the actors present at the ceremony. One of the couples chosen was that formed by Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. Before announcing the category winner, Rock said, “I can’t wait to see part two of G.I. Jane (Lt. O’Neil In Spain)”.

This comment is about Jada Pinkett Smith because of the comedian’s reference and because Lt. O’Neil (1997) featured a clean-shaven woman, played by Half Moore. The joke did not sit well with Smith’s wife, who saw herself uneasy during the transmission. This sequence was followed by the reaction of the actor. His partner for some time speaks frankly about his alopecia, given the aesthetic weight it has for women, something much more powerful when it comes to public figures.