the viral video showing Easter eggs

The end of the last episode of moon knight continues to generate surprises and interpretations. After a beginning marked by adventure, like an Indiana Jones film, the series of Disney+ mutated into something unexpected: the suspicion that much of what was seen only happened in the mind of the protagonist. Regarding the conclusion ofThe fall», a user of ICT Tac he composed a video with several of the key moments.

What’s interesting in this video? Collect the various references and easter eggs left through the first three episodes and which, in a scene, are integrated. The user Geek.Stufff, with more than 30,000 subscribers on the platform, made the montage with the different references, both for the protagonist Steve Grant/Marc Specterinterpreted by oscar isaacas with the rest of the characters that appear at different times.

Although it may seem like something curious, the detail says a lot about the storyline and the internal fabric of the series. It is a series of scenes which, within the story, had a double resonance: both in reality and in the mind of the one who disguises himself as Moon Knight. More than a wink to the fans, it is the result of a series that takes itself very seriously in what they want to tell.

moon knightTikTok and Easter Eggs

Geek.Stufff’s montage shows how different scenes and references fit together. For example when Steve Grant falls from the bed of his room, it is likely that he really fell from the bed of the psychiatric hospital where he is. Like this, several other samples of different parallels. Then we share the video of ICT Tac:

It is good to remember that in moon knight mental health is the protagonist; Even before its premiere, one of the constant references when it came to any of this year’s Marvel series was the weight that sanity would have in the story. With videos like the previous one and the evolution of the character, the coherence and meaning of these messages are verified.

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Over the past few years, Marvel and Disney have made different strides when it comes to maturing their stories. Wanda Visionanother series in which mental health matters a lot, was the most obvious gesture after Black Panther and the incorporation of greater diversity and representativeness in its content. movies like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessscheduled for May 5, and Thor: Love and Thunderwhich will be released on July 7, can also delve into these topics.