There will be an important announcement in the next few days

One Piece Sanji

a play It is on everyone’s lips and there is no doubt about it. Among the current events of the Wano’s Bow and the manufacture of Netflix live action seriesthe fans of the work are overwhelmed with emotion.

To all this is added this image, published by the official twitter account Eiichiro Oda’s team, in which they announce that something very big and confidential will be revealed next March 28.

In the same tweet, they ask us to pay attention to this thread, to which added new posts with alleged clues in recent days, and will likely continue to do so until the 28th.

A trailer for One Piece Film Rouge?

Fans have already started speculating what this announcement will be. The most commented is that it is probably the One Piece Film Red first trailerwho will come out August 6 of that same year. For the date we are on, that makes a lot of sense.

On the other hand, there’s also the possibility that it’s something Netflix live-action or rumored One Piece Odyssey video gamebut it is unlikely.