these are the 5 worst episodes

That a series as veteran as The simpsonswith which the most adult stage of animated television fiction began in 1989 and could facilitate the very existence of South Park Where Family father since 1996 and 1999, has thirty-three broadcast seasons conducive to the interest of developing rankings about them over 700 premiere episodes.

Because not all yellow bushes are oregano, and viewers and analysts tend to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to knowing what a franchise or movie series is worth.

But there is no reason to think about the best all the time, but we can also say what we think should be avoided so that others do not waste the precious hours of their lives with audiovisual disasters. What the worst chapters of The simpsons. And among its large pile, there is choice.

Lowest rated episodes of ‘The Simpsons’


On IMDb we can see that “Lisa Goes Gaga” (23×22)written by Tim Long and interpreted by Matthew Schofield and in which the singer tries to cheer up the second daughter of the famous Springfield family, is the episode of The simpsons which has the lowest score, 4.1, according to the votes of its users. Like putting your feet in the powder.

Seven tenths higher, with a 4.8, is “Bart versus. Itching and scratching » (30×18)with a libretto by Megan Amram and direction by Chris Clements and in which they decide to change the sex of Itchy and Scratchy.