These are the iPods you can buy on Amazon


If you are a collector, you should take the opportunity to get these iPods on Amazon before they stop selling out.

Apple has decided to discontinue the iPod line. The latest member of the line, The seventh generation iPod touch has been discontinued and when the units available in Apple stores are finished, the company will stop selling them. However, at Amazon we have several iPod models for sale that you can get before they sell out.

If you are nostalgic for iPods or like to collect old Apple devices, on Amazon you have many iPod options available. Of course, many models have reduced stocks, and since Apple decided to stop manufacturing them, the models available are very few.

apple ipod touch

You can still buy iPod models

Ipod touch

The iPod touch is Apple’s most modern model and until recently was the only surviving iPod. On Amazon you have a few models available, although the stock is reduced and we don’t know until when they will be available. The latest model is compatible with the latest iOS update.

Ipod nano

The iPod nano stopped selling years ago, but on Amazon we have several models available. From the latest touchscreen model to older models with the classic wheel. These are models that are difficult to find and that in a few months it will no longer be possible to buy them.

Classic iPod

the iPod with a more classic design and more storage capacity. At Amazon we have models like the fifth and seventh generation, with notable differences in design and internal storage. An ideal relic for collectors.

iPod shuffle

the small iPod is available on Amazon, and also in the beautiful color red. It’s not cheap but it’s true that it’s one of the few ways to get it right now.

The end of an era: these are all the iPods that Apple has released

In addition to Amazon, you can find iPods on Apple’s refurbished website or used at stores like Wallapop. They will surely become more popular now that they officially stop being sold.

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