These are the most professional lenses and lenses for your iPhone camera


Improve the quality of your photos with these lenses for your iPhone camera.

Any hobbyist –amateur or professional – at photography knows perfectly well that the iPhone smartphone camera is more than enough to achieve the perfect photograph. After all, as photographers often say, “the best camera is the one you take with you”. In fact, just take a look at Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign, and the photographic results are absolutely stunning.

Anyway, there are very useful instruments and tools that can further improve the quality of photos taken with an iPhone. We are talking about instruments such as iPhone tripods, lenses and camera lenses. That’s right, there are a few small lenses that attach to the iPhone camera and open up endless possibilities for enhancing your photos.

In this buying guide we will select the best camera lenses and lenses compatible with the latest iPhone models. There is a wide variety of professional lenses for the iPhone camera and other smartphones. There are wide angle lenses, fisheye lenses, kaleidoscope lenses, macro lenses… Discover all you can do with these useful photography accessories!

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What are iPhone camera lenses and lenses?


There is a wide variety of lenses compatible with iPhone smartphones

Before starting our collection of iPhone lenses, let’s briefly explain what these little accessories are and how they work.

Lenses – also known as lenses – for iPhone are small accessories that attach to the back of the phone where the camera is and provide the ability to try out different types of photography and improve the quality of your photos. images obtained.

As we mentioned earlier, there are different types of lenses. In addition, manufacturers often offer lens kits and lens kits with different effects such as fisheye, macro, anamorphic, kaleidoscope, telephoto, wide angle…

So much so that Apple’s iPhone phones have some advanced hardware in addition to cameras, especially in the ultimate generation of iPhones, and also that the use of this type of nits may improve the quality of the photos of the camera.

The reality is that Apple iPhone camera lenses can be a great alternative to buying a new or different iPhone model. Many photography-savvy consumers decide whether to buy an iPhone or another based on the photographic qualities of its camera, but given the high price of some iPhone models, it can be a great option to buy one. lens kit instead of making such an economic investment.

Lenses and Lenses for iPhone

Selvim lens kit

The Selvim brand lens kit is one of the most recommended on the market, in fact It is the best selling lens product on Amazon.. This is a series of high quality Blu-hay lenses that increase the performance of the lens in image processing.

Therefore, the Selvim lens kit will allow you to take photos with the iPhone with a much higher resolution and with more definition. The kit consists of a wide angle lens, a macro lens and a fisheye lens. Additionally, it comes with a built-in tripod and a telephoto lens.

Lens Types: Macro, wide angle and fisheye.

Compatible smartphones: iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S6 , Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Sony, LG, OnePlus and Huawei smartphones.

Olloclip lenses

Olloclip is one of the most popular smartphone lens manufacturers in the world, its proposal is a clip with a fisheye, wide angle and 15x macro lens equipped with the Connect x Lens system that allows the lenses to be exchanged with other brand goals.

It is a compact and very easy to use lens, with a dock that adheres perfectly to the iPhone and they also work with all camera apps to create fantastic panning and time-lapse artwork.

Lens Types: Macro, wide angle and fisheye.

Compatible smartphones: iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Apexel 10 in 1 Lens Set

The kit from the Apexel company is gigantic, no more and no less than 10 lenses for a fairly reasonable price. The kit includes a 0.63x wide angle lens, a 2x telephoto lens, kaleidoscopes, a lens with star filter, another with flux filter and a 15x macro lens.

Regarding its connection to the iPhone, the Apexel lenses have a small accessory with a very simple mechanism that connects in a similar way to how a clamp. The only bad thing is that the design makes this lens mount practically protrudes about 10 cm. But it does its job like a charm.

Additionally, it should be noted that the kit comes with its own carrying case which prevents the lenses from being impacted and damaged.

Lens Types: Telephoto, kaleidoscopes, fisheye, wide angle and macro.

Compatible smartphones: iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy, iPad.

Yolistar telescope lens

The Yolistar brand markets a telescope-shaped lens and a clamping mechanism to attach it to the phone. The pack also comes with two covers for the telescope lens and a mounting clip with a tightening mechanism.

It is a high definition telescope with adjustable focal length and with a 12x magnification which allows you to capture a clear view in photos. Ideal for football games, concerts, travel and wildlife.

Lens Types: 12x HD telescope

Compatible smartphones: iPhone, VIVO, OPPO.

Ztyluz 4 in 1 revolver lens

Finally, we recommend the lens with revolver mechanism of the Ztyluz brand. A photography accessory equipped with four different lenses that we can change in seconds.

It has a macro lens, a wide angle lens, a fisheye lens and a CPL lens. It is the most professional option of this selection, both in its quality and in its materials and mechanism. Therefore, its price is much higher than the rest of the options.

Lens Types: Macro, wide angle, fisheye and CPL.

Compatible smartphones: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus.

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here are the lenses more professionals that you will find on the market for your iPhone. As you may have seen, there are a wide variety of lenses and all of them are compatible with many iPhone models. They are a very good alternative for all photography enthusiasts and there are very affordable options.

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