These are the new animated emojis of WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is working on many features and among them we will have new animated emojis.

WhatsApp in recent years has increase in update rate and every time they come interesting news, as happened recently with reactions to sent messages. In many cases, these new features are already available in other messaging apps, such as Telegram or iMessage, but that doesn’t stop them from being interesting.

In this case, as indicated WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will include new animated emojis in its application. You probably know that if you send the heart emoji on WhatsApp, it beats like a heart. And now it looks like this animation will expand to other emojis.


WhatsApp is working on many improvements in its beta version

Heart emojis will be beating very soon on WhatsApp

As you found out WABetaInfo in the beta of WhatsApp, all the heart emojis we send each other on WhatsAppin case of doing it individually, they will appear bigger and they will be animated with a kind of beat. This feature is still in development, so it’s not even ready to be released for WhatsApp beta testers, although it may be coming soon.

Currently, only red heart emoji shows this animation and looks great when shipped individually. But it seems clear that in a future update, all heart emojis will have this same effect, as the screenshot shared by WABetaInfo new animations.

heart emoji

This is how colorful heart emojis will “beat” on WhatsApp

WhatsApp now plans to improve all heart emojis by introducing the usual animation already used for the common heart emoji. It’s not yet clear if WhatsApp still plans to reintroduce the same animation for all heart emojis on iOS – only time will tell.

We don’t have a release date for this new feature, It is something that is in full development., so that it can reach the official app in the future. WhatsApp is working on a lot of great features that should come with future app updates.

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Among these novelties, the polls within the application, the improvements in the reactions to the messages or the editing of the messages once sent stand out. Great news that we hope to be able to try soon in the official WhatsApp application.

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