They are developing a small diamond wafer capable of storing the data of a billion Blu-Rays

The Japanese company Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co. and researchers from Saga University in Japan have found a way to produce 2-inch (about 5 centimeters) diamond slices capable of storing data with a capacity equivalent to one billion blu-ray discs, about 26 million terabytes. The technology used for the development of this component seems to be useful for an application in quantum computing, such as quantum computers, and will begin to be commercialized in 2023.

Diamond seems to be an ideal material for the development of quantum computing. However, so far, its size has prevented different applications. Indeed, the Japanese firm developed a diamond wafer with a diameter of 1 inch in 2021 using a “microneedle method”, but it did not obtain the expected results for two reasons. The first is that the micro-needle system makes the manufacturing process more difficult, resulting in higher production cost. The second is its size; For this component to be applied in the electronics industry, at least a 2 inch diameter disc is required.

Adamant Namiki therefore focused on developing a way to grow the diamond wafer. The company, in particular, used a system called “stepped flow growth”which also greatly improves its quality and prevents it from cracking.

“By tilting the direction of the substrate surface by several degrees with respect to the switching of the crystal surface, the steps of the atom become equidistant on the substrate surface and hence the diamond crystals grow so that the steps flow horizontally, the stress is reduced and the quality of the glass is adequate.”

Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co. on the step-by-step growth process.

The diamond wafer: a new step in the development of quantum computing

Adamant Namiki named this diamond slice ‘Kenzan Diamond’ and its main use could be quantum memory. Especially considering its incredible storage capacity. It supports, more specifically, about 25 exabytes. Or the equivalent of a billion Blu-Ray discs (taking into account that these are capable of storing around 25 GB).

japanese society will start production in 2023 and hopes to continue developing larger discs in the future. “Currently, we are working on the development of the next stage, a diamond crystal with a diameter of 4 inches,” he confirmed.