they are only for losing money

The search for substances and components that help us improve certain problems related to advancing age is a classic in our environment. This is normal, since aging is associated some unpleasant events, such as joint and muscle degeneration and ultimately a loss of cognitive function and general functionality of the human body. Among the most popular substances are collagen powders. That, like so many other things, they are absolutely useless of what they promise you. And even less to be eternally young.

Collagen powder dietary supplements have been postulated in recent years as one of the fetish cures to fight against any type of problem related to the joints. And not only that, but they promise to help us improve skin hydration and elasticity, as well as hair health, nail strength, and also the health of our bones and muscles.

Does it make sense to consume collagen powder supplements for this purpose? And, first of all: what is collagen and what is it for?

What is collagen and what is its function?

Collagen continues to be another protein that makes up the human body. It is available by performing its structural function in nails, teeth, hair and also our skin. Moreover, collagen is the main component of connective tissues that make up various parts of the body, such as ligaments, muscles or tendons.

Precisely, these elements are what constitute our joints. Therefore, the belief has been easily established that if we consume collagen externally, it helps to improve the condition of our joints. However, nutrition does not work that way to our misfortune.