They create an app to track HIV-positive patients

An HIV-positive patient experiences changes in their body, such as extreme weight loss due to infections or diarrhea. For this reason, specialist nutrition portals such as SupplementGuide emphasize the importance of prioritizing caloric intake to maintain lean body mass and protein to build muscle, organs and a strong immune system.

Health experts know the importance of good nutrition. Even in the Netherlands, the Nutrition Center has created the Wheel of Five tool to explain what foods a person living with HIV needs.

But in addition to adequate nutrition, HIV patients need special support from health workers to deal with medical issues. To cover this need, a group of researchers from the Bioengineering and Telemedicine group of CIBER-BBN of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, have created an application that allows the health system to carry out constant monitoring of patients with HIV.

The main objective of the platform, called EmERGE, is to improve their quality of life and reduce the number of medical consultations. Patients with stable HIV will find information about medications, test results or appointment management.

The app has proven useful for users. In a survey, 94.2% said they would recommend it to another patient with the same condition because it provides medical care and helps with side effects of medications, psychosocial issues or treatments medical.

Enrique Gómez, one of the researchers, said EmERGE demonstrates the importance of self-care in improving health and quality of life. It also reduces recurrences and healthcare costs. These aspects are essential for patients who need long-term treatment, usually with multiple drugs, who often experience complications with treatment compliance.

Other HIV Apps

Worldwide, 37.7 million people are living with HIV. In the European Union, 2.5 million people are carriers of this virus which attacks the body’s immune system.

When people get HIV, they will have it for life. Therefore, they have to follow different special care to control it. If left untreated, the patient may develop AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

New technologies play an important role in accelerating the end of AIDS. For this reason, a group of researchers created the Life4me+ application, a tool that provides quality medical care to people living with HIV, mainly in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The tool keeps you up to date with HIV news and checks whether patients are taking their medications and adhering to treatment.