they have malware that infect android mobiles

The Google Play Store isn’t always a safe place to download apps, and new research from Dr. Web proves it. The company specializing in antivirus has detected a series of applications that pretend to be apparently functional platforms, but which hide Trojans and different methods with which they manage to obtain both the personal data of users and their money. .

Although many apps are removed from the Google Play Store for breaking the rules of the platform, some of them remain for months and even collect a large number of downloads. According to Dr. Web’s report, some of the malicious applications are dedicated to managing cryptocurrencies. His modus operandi? Make believe that the application is used to earn money quickly and without investment experience with “a trading algorithm or a personal manager” who performs all the procedures so that the user does not have to do anything. To do this, the application asks the user to register on a website and load a balance amount to start operations. The money entered into the account was however transferred to the hackers’ account.

Other related apps – some even posing as social welfare platforms – simply asked for banking information and personal details and then stole money from the victims. ТОН, Chain Reaction, Invest Gaz Incomes, Gazprom Invest and Investor Gaz are some of the applications that contain this type of virus and can be downloaded from Google Play.

Some popular apps from Google Play Store also contain malware

On the other hand, there are several image editing or personalization applications, also available on Google Play, which used a Trojan called “Android.Subscription”. This one, in particular, is able to create a paid subscription (usually monthly) with only the user’s phone number. The applications, therefore, they deceived the victim by asking him for the phone number to be able to use the features or confirm your identity, and later used to activate the subscription and earn money fraudulently. Here are some of the platforms that contain this type of malware.

  • Up to your mobile.
  • Morph faces.
  • Powerbeats Photo Studio.
  • TopNavigation.
  • iOS 15 launcher.
  • Adorn Photo Pro (includes a Trojan capable of stealing data needed to access users’ Facebook accounts.

Remove these mods for WhatsApp ASAP

The report published by Dr. Web also warns against the popularization of WhatsApp mods on Google Play. These applications serve to add additional functions to the messaging platform, but they hide Trojans of different modalities. One of them, for example, is capable of accessing notifications of other apps and stealing their information. Another, called “Android.HiddenAds”, automatically downloads additional apps without user permission and then displays ads that redirect to malicious websites.