They manage to rewind skin cells and “rejuvenate” them by 30 years

A team of scientists from Babraham Institutefrom the United Kingdom, obtained rejuvenate 30 years of skin cell culture. Do we already have the elixir of immortality or eternal youth? No. Can you at least make people a little younger or stop their aging? Is. Is it then possible to manufacture creams that rejuvenate the cells of our skin? With a bit of luck. But even so, what these scientists have just shown in eLife is good news.

And it is that in reality they managed to reprogram the skin cells until some parameters (not all) were equivalent to those of people 30 years younger. This does not exactly mean that the cells are 30 years youngerbut it looks promising.

It is a procedure still in its infancy, which still has a long way to go to have real applications beyond laboratory cultures. However, scientists are very optimistic about the results because many diseases, such as Alzheimer’sare linked to cellular aging. If a way were found to reverse this aging in other parts of the body, not just skin cells, perhaps they could find mechanisms to slow the progression of these diseases. After all, what science is looking for is not a method to make us eternally young, but mechanisms that help us to healthy aging.

Recycling cell reprogramming

Pluripotent stem cells are those that have the ability to divide and differentiate in any kind of specialized cells Is self-renewal to give rise to more stem cells.

They are very important cells in the study of regenerative medicinefor obvious reasons, but there is a problem getting it.